The Central Executive Committee

The Central Executive Committee (CEC) is constituted as follows;


   1.  National Chairperson,

   2.  1st National Vice  Chairperson,

   3.  2nd National Vice Chairperson(female),

   4.  6(six) Vice Chairpersons representing the Regions of Uganda- East, Central, North,West, Kampala and Karamoja,

   5.  Secretary General,

   6.  National Treasurer,

   7.  Deputy Secretary General,

   8.  Deputy National Treasurer,

   9.  Chairperson of NRM Parliamentary Caucus,

   10. All Chairpersons of the National Special League Committees, Chairpersons of Commissions, and such number of National Secretaries and Deputy National Secretaries as NEC may determine.



The National Secretaries are appointed by the Chairperson with approval of NEC.  


The functions of the Central Executive Committee:


   1.  Provide and exercise political leadership in the country;

   2.  Formulate policy for consideration by  NEC;

   3.  Supervise the day to day conduct of the organisation’s activities;

   4.  Appoint organisational functionaries from amongst members of  NRM;

   5.  Propagate the NRM policies;

   6.  Recommend to NEC NRM candidates seeking nomination for the offices of National Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General and National Treasurer and Presidential candidate for NRM;

   7.  Advise the Chairperson and the National Executive Council in the performance of their functions under this Constitution;

   8.  Implement the decisions of the National Conference and NEC;

   9.  Ensure that all organs of NRM function properly and implement the policies and decisions of NRM;

   10. Prescribe rules and regulations for the functioning and operation of special organs and Caucuses.

   11. Perform any other function that may be assigned it by NEC.


The Secretary General is the Secretary to the Committee.