The National Executive Council

The National Executive Council is the standing committee of the National Conference, its consisted as follows


   1.  National Chairperson

   2.  1st National Vice Chairperson;

   3.  2nd National Vice Chairperson (female);

   4.  6(six) Vice Chairpersons representing the Regions of Uganda- East, Central, North, West, Kampala and Karamoja;

   5.  Secretary General;

   6.  National Treasurer;

   7.  Deputy Secretary General;

   8.  Deputy National Treasurer;

   9.  National Secretaries of NRM;

   10. NRM Members of Parliament.

   11. NRM parliamentary flag bearers;

   12. NRM flag bearers for district chairpersons;

   13. Municipality mayors

   14. NRM members of East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA)

   15. National Executive Committee members of all Special Organs.

   16. All Chairpersons of NRM Branches in the Diaspora

   17. 30 Members of NRM Historical Leaders Forum elected by the Forum;

   18. Chairpersons of NRM District Conferences;

   19. NRM Chairpersons of districts

   20. Not more than ten eminent persons elected by the Council upon nomination by the Chairperson.


The Chairperson may invite not more than 5 individuals who have made a special contribution to the struggle or who have special skills or experience, to attend the NEC as observers.


Functions of the National Executive Council:


    1.  Initiate policy and other measures to be considered by the National Conference;

    2.  Deal with policy matters on behalf of the National Conference;

    3.  Monitor and evaluate implementation of the programmes of NRM and performance of the organs of NRM;

    4.  Recommend to the National Conference proposed amendments to this Constitution;

    5.  Recommend to the National Conference persons competing for candidature to the positions of National Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary General, National Treasurer, Deputy Secretary General and President;

    6.  Report to the National Conference on the business it has transacted in between meetings of the Conference;

    7.  Approve the annual budget of NRM.

    8.  Determine the positions for full time employment within the organs of NRM;

    9.  Determine the terms and conditions of service of officers of NRM and other employees;

    10. Appoint Ad hoc committees to handle specific functions as it deems fit;

    11. Promulgate Rules, Regulations, or Bye-Laws for the better implementation of the provisions of this Constitution and achievement of the vision of NRM;

    12. Perform such other functions as the National Conference may direct.