Todwong Calls for Shared Responsibility in Karamoja's Development

Tuesday 6th February 2024

5th February 2024, Napak District - The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General, Rt Hon Richard Todwong, has urged the people of the Karamoja sub-region to embrace a shared responsibility among leaders and citizens in building a peaceful and prosperous society. 

Todwong said this while officiating at the belated Liberation Day celebrations in Napak District on Monday, 5th February 2024.

In his address, Mr Todwong emphasized the government's role in providing peace, security, and infrastructure, stressing that individuals should take charge of their households, transforming them into centres of excellence. "The work of the government is to bring peace, security, and infrastructure; the rest is for your household. You are the President of your home, and it must be a centre of excellence. Your children must not be married before the right age," he said 

Recognizing the honesty and hard work of the Karimajong people," the Secretary-General encouraged a reduction in alcohol consumption and a shift towards economic activities that positively impact their lives. He urged the community to utilize existing roads for transporting products, thereby enhancing economic opportunities.

Todwong stressed the reinstatement of roles and responsibilities for elders, emphasizing that grooming children from home leads to a society free from issues.

Addressing the issue of raiding, he called for abandoning such practices and embracing peace for the betterment of homes and collective economic progress. He reiterated that the NRM government remains committed to implementing special programs for Karamoja until significant development is achieved.

On unity, Todwong urged the people of Karamoja to address minor conflicts internally and unite for the greater good. Expressing excitement about existing support, he encouraged tangible transformations in the lives of the community through effective policy implementation.

The Secretary-General conveyed appreciation to the district party chairman for generously donating land intended for the construction of the party office. He disclosed intentions to scrutinize the land for potential grievances or issues, emphasizing that only if none are found will resources be allocated for the construction of the party office. 

He also emphasized the need to positively market Karamoja, highlighting its stunning natural assets, including one of the most beautiful parks in the country.

Hon Nakut Faith, the Napak District Woman MP,  stressed the need for the UPDF to play a role in Karamoja's economic liberation.

 "In addition to securing Karamoja, the UPDF should also take on the economic liberation of Karamoja. We need a hand so that we can walk with you," she passionately stated. Acknowledging NRM's efforts, she called for intensified endeavours to bring about lasting change.

On improving the education standards in the region, the Woman MP proposed a bold initiative for forceful and compulsory education in Karamoja, suggesting that street children attend schools in the region for a minimum specified period of time.

Before heading to the celebrations, the Secretary-General paid a visit to Hon. Faith Nakut's demonstration farm at Namendera Parish, Iriri Sub-county, NAPAK District. He congratulated her for implementing the wealth creation message in her home area, emphasizing that this approach would not only enhance food security but also contribute to improving household incomes.