SG Todwong officiates at Serere District NRM victory anniversary, calls for Unity amongst leaders.

Friday 9th February 2024

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General Rt. Hon Richard Todwong, today Friday, February 9, 2024, joined hundreds of NRM supporters and well-wishers in celebration of the Serere District's belated 38th NRM Day victory anniversary. The colourful function that attracted a lot of dignitaries including Ministers, Members of Parliament and Religious leaders among others was held at the district headquarters.
While delivering his keynote address, Mr Todwong highlighted the transformative journey of Uganda under the NRM's leadership over the past 38 years. He emphasized the significant strides made in various sectors, including healthcare, infrastructure, and governance. Todwong lauded the improved road networks, and decentralized governance among others, as tangible evidence of the NRM's commitment to national development.
"We speak about credible change that we see in our homes and our lives," stated Todwong, underscoring the NRM's focus on uplifting the lives of Ugandans across the country.
Addressing the issue of poverty, Todwong emphasized the importance of collective efforts in combating household poverty, acknowledging the pivotal role played by local leaders in this endeavour. He urged for active participation of citizens in utilizing government poverty alleviation programs to improve their standards of living and lift their families and communities from poverty.
Acknowledging the challenges within the party, Todwong emphasized the need for ideological training to empower leaders and strengthen the NRM's foundation. He reiterated the party's commitment to ensuring President Museveni's presence on the ballot paper in 2026, emphasizing the stability and progress achieved under his visionary leadership.

The Secretary-General commissioned an ambulance handed to the district by the Ministry of Health, a crucial addition to Serere's healthcare infrastructure. The gesture underscored the government's commitment to improving healthcare access in rural areas.
Hon. Hellen Adoa, The district Woman Member of Parliament and State Minister of Fisheries echoed Todwong's sentiments on unity within the NRM. She called for concerted efforts to address internal disunity, emphasizing that unity among leaders will make the party even stronger among the population. She also called for reconciliation among leaders in the District.
Hon Emmanuel Omoding, MP for Serere County, outlined plans for infrastructure development and environmental conservation initiatives, including free power connections and tree planting campaigns. He highlighted ongoing efforts to improve agricultural practices and educational facilities in the district.
Mr Micheal Olobo, the NRM district chairman, emphasized the need for a shift from politicking to community development initiatives. He stressed the importance of ideological empowerment to solidify the party's support base and steer Serere towards sustainable progress.