The National Conference

The National Conference is the supreme organ of the National Resistance Movement (NRM); it is constituted as follows;


   1.  The National Chairperson;

   2.  1st National Vice Chairperson;

   3.  2nd National Vice Chairperson (female);

   4.  6(six) Vice Chairpersons representing the Regions of Uganda- East, Central, North,West, Kampala and Karamoja;

   5.  Members of the National Executive Council;

   6.  The Secretary General;

   7.  National Treasurer;

   8.  The Deputy Secretary General;

   9.  Deputy National Treasurer ;

   10. Members of the NRM Municipal Executive Committees;

   11. Members of the NRM Municipal Councils;

   12. Promoters of the NRM Organization;

   13. Executive Committees of the NRM Branches in the Diaspora;

   14. NRM National Secretaries;

   15. NRM Members of Parliament;

   16. NRM members of East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA)

   17. Members of NRM Historical Leaders Forum

   18. Members of the National Executive Committees of all Special Organs other than (p) above;

   19. NRM Chairpersons of Districts;

   20. NRM parliamentary flag bearers;

   21. NRM flag bearers for district chairpersons

   21. Municipality mayors

   22. Members of NRM District Executive Committees;

   23. Members of the District Executive Committees of all Special Organs.

   24. NRM Members on District Councils;

   25. Chairpersons of Sub-county Conferences.


The Chairperson may invite not more than twenty (20) individuals who have made a special contribution to the struggle or who have special skills or experience to attend the Conference as observers.


The functions of the National Conference:

(a)    Determine and articulate the principles, policies and programmes of NRM;

(b)    Generate consensus on key political, economic and social policies within NRM;

(c)    Mobilise the people to ensure full participation in implementation of political, economic and social policies of NRM

(d)    Promote national unity and solidarity;

(e)    Advise members of NRM Parliamentary Caucus on the policies of NRM;

(f)     Elect the National Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary General, National Treasurer, Deputy Secretary General, and the Presidential Candidate to be sponsored by NRM in national elections;

(g)    Assign such tasks to NEC as it may deem fit;