The District Conference

For every district in Uganda, there is a Conference for each district known as the NRM District Conference.


The District Conference consists of:


    1.  The Chairperson of the Conference who shall also be Chairperson of the District Executive Committee;

    2.  NRM Members of Parliament from the District;

    3.  Members of NRM Historical Leaders Forum from the district;

    4.  NRM candidates in the preceding parliamentary elections from the District;

    5.  Members of NRM District Executive Committee;

    6.  NRM candidate for the office of District Chairperson in the preceding elections;

    7.  NRM District Councillors or candidates for District Council in the preceding elections within the District;

    8.  Members of the Executive Committees of special organs at district level;

    9.  Members of the NRM Sub-county Executive Committees; 

    10. NRM members of the Sub-county local government executive committee.



Functions of the District Conference:


    1.  Generate consensus on key political, economic and social policies     of NRM within the District;

    2.  Mobilise the people to ensure full participation in the implementation of political, economic and social policies of NRM within the District

    3.  Promote unity and solidarity among the people in the District;

    4.  Initiate and encourage democratic participation in evolution of policies to be considered by the National Conference;

    5.  Be responsible to CEC for guidance and policy matters.


For every district, there is a District Executive Committee elected by the District Conference. The District Executive Committee consists of;


    1.  The Chairperson

    2.  Vice Chairperson

    3.  General Secretary

    4.  Secretary for Finance

    5.  Secretary for Publicity

    6.  Chairpersons of Special Organs at the District level

    7.  The Administrative Secretary, NRM members of Parliament from the district or candidates for member of Parliament in the preceding election, NRM Mayors of Municipal Councils or candidate for Municipal mayor and District

    8.  Chairpersons or candidate for district chairperson as Ex Officio members of the NRM District Executive Committee.) as  ex-officio members.


The Chairperson shall convene and chair meetings of the District Conference and Executive Committee.


Functions of the District Executive Committee:


    1.  Initiate policy and other measures to be considered by the District Conference

    2.  Articulate to the population the principles, policies and programmes of NRM in the    District;

    3.  Advise the District Conference on the performance of its functions;

    4.  Implement the decisions relevant to it of the national organs and District Conference

    5.  Advise members of NRM District Council Caucus on the policies of NRM;

    6.  Mobilise people in the District to ensure full participation in implementation of the political, economic and social policies of NRM;

    7.  Carry out such other functions as may be assigned to it by the national organs and or the District Conference.