NRM mourns Zambia's founding father, Dr Kenneth Kaunda

Thursday 17th June 2021

The NRM has learned with shock and sadness about the death of the founding father of Zambia, former President Kenneth Kaunda. His departure marks and perhaps underscores the passing of an Era. I believe he may be the last of the African Independence leaders who fought tooth and nail to free Africa from the bondage of colonialism. 

However, he like the rest of his compatriots struggled with the complexities of neo-colonialism and its agents. The dream and arnest desire to attain true economic freedom and meaningful development and advancement of African citizenry eluded him, much like the rest of his compatriots and successors.

The NRM is still grappling with this battle, scoring one little success after another. As we go about our business in helping Ugandans attain middle income status and beyond, let's for one moment remember this iconic brother and father in the struggle who was one of those that led the way. 

May his soul rest in eternal peace.



Hon Emmanuel Lumala Dombo
Director Information & Public Relations