NRM govt ready to integrate youth into money economy

Friday 3rd September 2021

The National Treasurer of the ruling NRM party, Amb. Babrah Nekesa has urged young Ugandans to embrace the Parish Development Model, recently introduced by government to encourage commercialization of agriculture and alleviate poverty among Ugandans.  
“I encourage young people to own, popularize and participate in government youth programs like the Parish Development Model,  Emyooga among others as we strive to grow the economy and  attain the middle income status," Amb, Nekesa said.

She was addressing youth leaders from Busoga, Bugisu, Sebei and Bukedi sub-regions who were attending a youth council meeting at Mbale Secondary School in Mbale city on Friday. 

She noted that unlike the Youth Livelihood Program, Emyooga and Women Fund, which are being implemented at constituency and district levels, the parish model was brought closer to the people at parishes. She therefore urged the youth to embrace, appreciate and understand the program. 

Amb Nekesa explained that since  the new program has a  localized approach, it will be of great benefit to youths and many other people involved in agriculture.
She also urged youths to get interested in other government programs aimed at alleviating poverty , noting that they are meant to benefit all Ugandans.

"Therefore, as young people, do not hesitate to seek any available information pertaining these programs from concerned government leaders since they mean a lot to you as youths and to the economy,” Nekesa challenged youth leaders.  

While attending the NRM parliamentary caucus last month, President Museveni directed Members of Parliament to support the government proposal of allocating Shs100 million to every parish starting next financial year to help boost the parish model program.

The president said this would see over 40% of Ugandans who are currently in subsistence economy join  the money economy.

Speaking during the meeting, Hon. Benard Odoi, the Eastern youth MP reiterated the need for  youths to shun lamentation but instead engage in government programs which are aimed at ensuring wealth creation.

Mr. Odoi challenged the youth to always engage in monitoring of government programs to ensure proper accountability.
Ms. Sovereign Hasahya, a youth leader from Butaleja district expressed fear over increased cases of teenage pregnancies as a result of a prolonged break caused by covid-19 pandemic.
She however called upon government to expedite vaccination among school going children as a condition for schools to reopen.

“I call upon government to have a vaccination plan for the youths such that they can go back to school as soon as possible. As a female youth leader, I am concerned about the increasing teenage pregnancies across our districts. When we priotise vaccination among youths and they go back to school, it can serve as a remedy to the alarming challenge at hand,” she said.

As a precaution to avoid the spread of Covid-19, this year’s youth council meetings were held on a sub-region level and with restricted numbers of attendants.