NRM gov’t committed to fighting corruption- Todwong tells EU

Wednesday 15th March 2023

The Secretary-General of the National Resistance Movement, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong, has said his party and the government are committed to fighting the vice of corruption, saying it frustrates service delivery. 

Rt. Hon. Todwong was responding to concerns of the European Union as he hosted their delegation today at the NRM Secretariat in Nakasero, Kampala. His Excellency Jan Sadek, the newly appointed EU Envoy to Uganda, led the ambassadors from Germany, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

SG noted that government has enacted laws and put in place institutions necessary to eliminate this practice.  "We require everyone’s effort to ensure corruption is totally eliminated, especially among government bodies that are mandated to serve the population," Todwong said while interacting with EU envoys. 

"The perpetrators of corruption and those misusing government resources will not escape the long arm of the law." "The government has continued to empower the police to carry out forensic investigations so as to assist in speedy court trials," Mr. Todwong added.

Human rights 

Secretary-General Todwong said, "The NRM party, since its inception many years ago, has endeavored to preserve and protect the rights of everyone, including those that are opposed to it." "It is not our culture to mistreat and vindicate people with views and opinions that are contrary to ours."

The NRM boss also emphasized that the government has put in place all the necessary laws and institutions, like the Uganda Human Rights Commission, the Equal Opportunities Commission, and the Uganda Police, among others, to ensure that the rights of all citizens are not violated.

"I urge all institutions mandated by the government to enforce the observation of human rights to fulfill their responsibilities as expected," Todwong said. 

He however expressed concern over pressures from Europe on African countries to adopt unpopular practices. "We ask you to respect the cultures of Africa just like we respect yours." "By doing so, it will promote mutual respect and improve relations," Todwong told the delegates. 

He appreciated the EU’s contribution towards the growth and development of Uganda through various sectors like technology advancement, education, and infrastructural development.

"The ruling party is always ready to discuss any issues and concerns that aim at improving cooperation and working relations between Uganda and the European community," NRM SG said. 

The successful meeting, as described by Mr. Todwong, held today is a follow-up to the one convened last year in 2022, where the two parties discussed issues to do with human rights, hunger in Karamoja, Uganda’s stand on the Russia-Ukraine war, and climate change. 

Mr. Todwong was accompanied by the NRM Director for External Affairs, Counsel, Awich Polar, Director of Communication, Hon. Emmanuel Dombo, Commissioner of the Electoral Commission, Hon. Jane Alisemera, and Hon. Okwir Rabwoni, NRM’s Director of Youths and Institutions.