Namayanja urges young women to embrace equity and take bold steps in leadership

Wednesday 15th March 2023

The Netherlands Institute of Multiparty Democracy recently hosted an intergenerational dialogue in honor of International Women's Day with the theme "Embrace Equity." Among the speakers was Rt Hon Namayanja Rose Nsereko, the Deputy Secretary General of the NRM, who shared her experiences in the political arena in Uganda and her struggle for equity.

In her speech, Namayanja acknowledged that while women still have a long way to go in terms of achieving equity, progress has been made. She urged young women to take advantage of events like the intergenerational dialogue, as they can serve as a starting point for their leadership journey.

"The momentum has increased," Namayanja said. "Don't take any of these meetings for granted." "This is how your journey in leadership starts."

Namayanja emphasized the importance of these dialogues, which can inspire young women to take bold steps in leadership. She stressed that being a female leader requires more than just being a woman, stating, "Being a lady shouldn't be the only component you have as a female leader." "You should have substance, be relevant, and add value to a debate."

To achieve their goals, Namayanja encouraged young women to seek out mentorship from their senior colleagues. "You must render yourself ready to be mentored by your seniors if you are to achieve your goals," she said.

Finally, Namayanja paid tribute to the women who came before her, including Matembe's vibrant women's movement, which inspired her and other young women to pursue leadership roles.