Namayanja urges Central Region Youth Leaders to get involved in government programmes

Sunday 12th September 2021

The NRM Deputy Secretary General Hon. Namayanja Rose Nsereko has urged youth leaders to mobilize their fellow youth to take part in all government programmes in order to ensure economic inclusion of the young generation in the money economy.

Namayanja was officiating at the Central Region Youth Council Session held at Luwero Catholic Diocese where she was an invited guest.

She highlighted the livelihood programs like emyooga where out of the 19 categories, 14 of them have young people as the majority and that it is the responsibility of the youth leadership to monitor their performance.

“I urge you young leaders to mobilize the fellow youth to be the closest monitors and auditors of the available government poverty eradication programs such as emyooga, youth livelihood programme, parish development model and operation wealth creation and become agents of the positive change in the country,” Namayanja said.

In regards to the Parish Development Model, she emphasized that the young people stand to benefit more in this programme than they have benefited under the Youth Livelihood Program since its parish based and that a quota shall be reserved for young people.

“Government has made it a point to reserve a quota of the Parish Development Model for the youth. Therefore you are bound to benefit a lot more compared to other initiatives such as Youth Livelihood Programme,” She adds.

Namayanja further appealed to the youth leaders to ensure a harmonious working relationship between the youth councils and local government Councilors in order to optimize their lobbying capacity.

She tipped them that political space must be fought for and therefore in their respective areas, they must render themselves relevant by participating in various activities and monitoring of government programs.

She reiterated the Secretary General’s commitment to working with government and other stakeholders in a bid to reduce youth unemployment and work with young people in the fight against corruption and other vices that hinder development.

Speaking during the meeting, Kirabo Agnes, the Youth MP for Central region called upon fellow youth to actively engage in government programmes which are aimed at ensuring wealth creation for their communities and lifting them out of poverty. “If youth do take part in monitoring, evaluating and auditing these government programmes, she said, their sustainability will be guaranteed given that we form the majority of the population”.

Kirabo also pledged to work with the party structures in uplifting the welfare of the youth and promised to visit them in their respective districts for the necessary support.

"As of me I want to pledge that I will be with you and will visit you in your various areas and we seek to identify issues which are affecting our prosperity," she stressed.

This year’s Youth Councils were held on a sub-regional model. West Nile and Acholi sub-regions had the inaugural council held in Gulu on 30th August 2021. The Luwero youth council meeting held on 11th September 2021 concluded the activities. It involved sub-regions of greater Masaka, Greater Mubende, Greater Mukono Kampala and Mpigi in Luwero district. The sub-regional model was applied to avoid big gathering due to Covid-19 pandemic.