Museveni tasks MPs to support growth of local industries

Wednesday 21st April 2021

President Yoweri Museveni has tasked NRM MPs-Elect to support government in boosting industries, especially for those dealing in final products,  if the economy is to grow.

Museveni said this while addressing newly elected NRM MPs who are in a retreat at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi District.

According to Museveni, industrialisation is very a fundamental sector in fostering social economic Transformation and better lives of every Ugandan. 

"I therefore request you while in Parliament to support me in attracting investment for industries especially for those dealing in final products that can be consumed locally or be exported to other countries," Museveni requested MPs.

This according to Museveni will help to improve balance of trade with other countries as well as create more  employment opportunities for the youths.

Museveni also hinted on efforts by government to  get rid of subsistance agriculture where homesteads only grow for  the stomach instead of money as his biggest  problem so far. Once subsistence is dealt with, President Museveni believes that lives of ordinary Ugandans will  improve. 

In the 2021/26 manifesto, President Museveni and his new government have promised to focus on four big sectors which include services, Commercial agriculture, industrialisation and Information Communication Technology(ICT).

Museveni says that mentioned sectors are interconnected and should not be fragmented. He implored MPs  to plan and implement them hostically to attain social Economic Transformation.

"Iam convinced that unlike other countries that are constrained to engage in some sectors like agriculture, Uganda has all favourable conditions to engage in the four sectors," Museveni said.

Last week, President Museveni told MPs that government has so far establised more than 20 industrial parks in various parts of the country and thousands of industries are already  manufacturing several products.

According to an economic Expert from Makerere University, Dr.Ramadhan Ggoobi, government should interest its self in protecting local industries by reducing taxes on  ICT infrastructure since this seems a new normal especially after the covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Josephine Nabukenya, an ICT expert while derivering a paper to the MPs said that ICT is the answer to  most of the problems in Uganda citing how it is serving the world amidst the pandemic.
"ICT is the brain of development that can stimulate the economy  because it helps to link the rest of the sectors," Dr.Nabukenya emphasized. 

Notwithstanding the recent achievements, there are challenges that continue to affect the adoption ICTs and industrialisation both at individual and government level, that may impede the industrial Vision of Uganda. These include; high electricity expenses, low internet penetration for innovation, corruption and beauracratic tendencies among others.