Museveni addresses NRM leaders in West Nile

Thursday 12th November 2020

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has asked NRM leaders to explain the party’s ideology and programs to its supporters in all parts of the country.

The President was on Thursday meeting various NRM leaders at Muni University grounds as part of his scientific campaigns in West Nile sub-region.

“Those who talk of tribal, or cultural segregation are enemies of development. The story of NRM is a clear one of being a political, social, spiritual and economic clinic for everyone,” he said.

The President said even before colonialism, Uganda and Africa at large was lagging behind because  of  segregation along tribal and religious beliefs, a  thing he said continued until the formation of the NRM.

President Museveni explained that because of the core principles of the ruling NRM party, Uganda has been able to remain stable for over 30 years but also develop through creation of jobs and other investments.

According to the President, Uganda’s tax base has also increased over the years and that the country has been able to fund its own budget for infrastructural development like roads and electricity.

“The NRM has learnt how to do things the easy way. What you should do is to show the other party leaders the way but not carrying things on your head.”

He said that though initiatives like Emyooga, the NRM government wants to ensure people create jobs and creation but also urged people to produce for both home consumption and for sale.