Kigongo warns LC leaders who aid land grabbing

Wednesday 8th November 2023

The 1st vice National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Al Hajji Moses Kigongo has said that government is committed to fight land grabbing, a practice that is affecting people in many areas in the central region. 

Vice Chairman Kigongo who was accompanied by the NRM Director of Mobilisation, Hon. Rosemary Seninde revealed today Wednesday in Maddu town council, Gomba district where he was a chief guest at an NRM mobilisation function organized by local supporters.

He said that the government cannot look on as Ugandans become landless and refugees in their own country at the hands of thieves.

He called upon the Resident District Commissioners (RDC) to use all means possible to defend the residents and their property, saying “Nobody has a right to destroy people’s gardens.”

He warned the local council leaders in villages to desist from abusing their offices saying, “Some village chairperson are persuaded to sign on documents that they don’t even understand just for sake of kickbacks from land grabbers. This is wrong and must be stopped.”

Mr Kigongo who is an NRM historical also warn the mobilisers against infights and intrigue since these paralyse party activities at the grassroots.

“Nobody is bigger than the other in the NRM, we are all equal and must work together for the party to win,” Kigongo said.

Seninde commends NRM mobilisers

Hon. Seninde commended the NRM mobilisers under the umbrella ‘NRM checkers’ for sacrificing their time and resources to mobilise for the NRM support and also monitor service delivery in government entities like schools, hospitals among others. 

“My primary role is to root for NRM support across the country. It therefore impresses me to learn that there are well-wishers willing to join in this mission,” Seninde said. 

She said that despite some challenges in service delivery, the NRM leadership is committed to fulfil its manifesto before the next election. “Please be patient with government as they deliver on the promises one at a time,” Seninde said. 

She also revealed that President Museveni has supported people through various initiatives like Parish development model, emyooga among others to fight household poverty. “What is left should be your leaders at the local levels to fast-track the progress of the programs so that people access this support,” Seninde said. 

The function was also attended by the Gomba west legislator, Hon. Robinah Gureme Rwakoojo.