Hoima By-election: NRM intensify Campaigns

Sunday 10th September 2023

Leaders of the NRM have intensified campaigns for their party candidate in the Hoima by-election, Uthuman Mugisha Mubaraka as the voting day draws closer. Election will take place on Thursday 14th this week.

The NRM camp led by the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja and the deputy Secretary General, Rose Namayanja wooed the population for support in Kyabigambire Sub County and Bulindi town council today Sunday.   

Ms Nabbanja said that although government is committed to delivering better services to Hoima, It would be impossible without an NRM cadre as district Chairman, hence urging the voters to elect Mugisha.

“The promises of safe water, good health care, improved school infrastructure to the people are in the pipeline. I ask you to vote a candidate who will ensure that these services are fast-tracked,” PM Nabbanja said.

She also challenged the population to remain claim and peaceful throughout the campaigns, saying, “Violence only brings destruction. Ensure that you well manage your emotions even amidst provocation.”

Deputy Secretary General, Rt. Hon. Rose Namayanja told the voters that Mugisha is the right candidate due to his youthful age, “He is very energetic, flexible and ready to learn faster.”

“The mission of NRM is to have an inclusive government where the old guard is working well with the youths,” she said, adding “the NRM government cherishes affirmative action where all categories are in leadership as she rooted support for Mugisha.”

She also reminded the population to prioritize the NRM candidate because Uganda is run on multiparty politics. “Unlike independent candidates, belonging to a political party like the NRM empowers the leader to perform much better,” Ms Namayanja said.  

The NRM candidate, Uthuman Mugisha Mubaraka committed to ensure due diligence in the implementation of government projects if elected Chairman, saying, “Projects like the construction of roads, Health Centres and schools require scrutiny because they are done using public resources.”

Mugisha said that his administration will expedite access to Parish development model and Emyooga funds to boost the house hold incomes of the people.

The Director of Mobilisation, Hon. Rosemary Seninde told Hoima voters that the presence of senior NRM leaders in the election like the Prime Minister and the NRM Secretary General is a clear testimony of the governments’ desire to ensure prosperity in the Oil-rich district.

“They are seeking to establish a direct link to Hoima with you the people through Mugisha to deliver services,” Ms Seninde said.