Fighting corruption will make you popular, Museveni advises MPs

Sunday 25th April 2021

Political leaders should fight corruption -Museveni 
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has urged political leaders to join him in the battle against corruption, which he says embarrasses government since it cripples service delivery.

Museveni, who was reacting to a paper on corruption presented by Dr. Ramadan Ggoobi to NRM MPs Elect in  Kyankwanzi said that it is the role of leaders like Members of Parliament and local government leaders, since they have direct links with people.

"The people to fight corruption are really you the political leaders because of the direct link you have with ordinary people, others like Permanent Secretaries are usually comprised since they do not have direct links with an ordinary person," Museveni told MPs.

He added that incase of any misappropriation of government money, the people to suffer are their voters, yet active involvement in fighting corruption would help boost the popularity of the MPs without them having to spend money. 

According to the  President, MPs have an upper hand in this fight since all reports on corruption are tabled in Parliament by the Auditor General. 
In his paper, Dr Ggoobi,a senior Economist reiterated  the  core responsibility of Members of Parliament in fighting corruption and misuse of government funds.

According to Dr Ggoobi, there is a new and dangerous type of corruption  where corruption-free individuals in government departments  and agencies have  become a target to corruption cartels.

"In uganda today, If one happens to do his work candidly , he or she tends to become a target of this dangerous group," Dr, Ggoobi warned MPs.

However, he suggested possible solutions to corruption like  empowering Audit institutions, effective budget tracking, E-government, e-procument and curbing of elicit financial flows which financial researchers have found to be effective in curbing corruption. 

Earlier on , Mr, Richard Nyakana, a farmer from Rwegaju presidential parish  parish model in Kabarole district decried of corruption by some elements in the police and judiciary which as result has increased theft of  cows, goats and other farm products that are usually stolen with impunity as a result of compromised leaders. 

Nyakaana is in Kyankwanzi on invitation of President Museveni to give testimony to Members of Parliament Elect about social economic Transformation of his parish Rwegaju located in Kabaarole District.