UPC leader in Amuria joins NRM

Friday 22nd September 2023

The NRM Secretary General, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong, has today welcomed the Amuria district UPC General Secretary, Mr. Okitoi Robert Erisat, into the ruling party. Mr. Okitoy was received at the NRM headquarters at Plot 10 on Kyadondo Road in Nakasero.

SG Todwong handed over the NRM constitution, manifesto, and branded shirts to Okitoi as he encouraged him to read and understand the ruling party’s core principles.

“The items I am offering you confirm that you are a full member of the NRM, and I ask you to read and understand our ideology well,” Todwong said. “I congratulate you on this wise move to join us. You are welcome and feel at home,” SG Todwong added.

Mr. Okitoi said that he chose NRM because it holds the future. “The sober decision I have taken is informed by the good things I see in the NRM," Okitoi said.