Unity of government and cultural institutions foster prosperity - NRM's Todwong

Sunday 29th October 2023

The Secretary General of the NRM Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong has appealed to cultural institutions to work with the government in promoting unity among the people they lead to ensure community development.

Todwong made the appeal yesterday Saturday in Nebbi district as he attended the 13th coronation anniversary of the Ubimu Ker Alur, Phillip Olarker Rauni III. The celebrations were held at Parombo Town Council grounds in Padyere County. 

In his speech to thousands of residents and guests at the event, Todwong said, “Society keeps improving and developing. People’s interests are dynamic and keep changing. So when cultural institutions work together with the government, we can guide our people better.”

“The cohesion of both these two institutions, if well harnessed, can promote peace, unity and prosperity in the society,” adding, "our cultural diversities should never be a source of confusion to the people.”


Parish Development Model

SG Todwong called upon the people of Alur kingdom to embrace the Parish Development Model to fight poverty in the area. The program aims to empower the households involved in agriculture out of poverty according to the government.

“We (NRM) handed over our manifesto to the government for implementation with PDM inclusive to fight household poverty which is under the pillar of NPD III,” he said.

He however acknowledged delayed disbursement of the funds to intended beneficiaries saying the setbacks result from the bureaucracies in the bank account opening, a requirement for beneficiaries and those offering sensitization and training.

“And so the extension workers are always delayed because they are few yet are required to handle very many groups that are applying for this money,” SG revealed.

He is hopeful that the Ministry of Local Government and the PDM Secretariat together with the banks are working out the modalities on how to fast-track the process. “But good enough the monies are already on SACCO accounts,” Todwong revealed.


On roads in West Nile

The Rt.Hon. Todwong asked the residents to be patient with the government because some road works are already ongoing.

“Government works through stages, the first stage was recognizing that the roads must be done, the second stage was to design the roads to know how much is needed to work on the roads and the third stage is resource mobilisation to commence the works. These 3 stages are done and some work is going on.”

He added that the government understands well the plight of its people in West Nile and the government will handle the area challenges one at a time depending on priorities. 

Hon. Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny, Minister of State for northern Uganda who represented the President at the event called upon the people of Alur to commit themselves to improving their household welfare.

“The NRM government restored peace and order in this area. Use it to change your lives and elevate your communities.” Minister said.