SG Todwong commends Busoga Kingdom's role in National unity

Tuesday 7th November 2023

The NRM Secretary General, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong has praised the Busoga Kingdom for its instrumental role in fostering unity and inclusivity among  Ugandans. He commended the Kingdom today Tuesday as he led a delegation of senior leaders to present a donation of 30 million Uganda shillings towards the Busoga Royal Wedding.

Accompanying the Secretary-General Todwong were the party National Treasurer, Hon. Amb. Barbara Nekesa Oundo, the Director of Mobilization, Hon. Rosemary Seninde Nansubuga, and the NRM Electoral Commission Commissioner, Hon. Alisemera Babiiha.

Todwong said, "As a political party, we are profoundly grateful to the Busoga Kingdom for their exceptional hospitality and their pivotal role in fostering a unified Uganda. Busoga serves as a melting pot, where tribes from across the nation converge, working harmoniously to contribute to our country's development."

Mr Todwong also conveyed his appreciation to the Kyabazinga for his unwavering support of the government's poverty alleviation initiatives. He remarked, "This exemplifies a united Uganda, where diverse tribes peacefully co-exist within Busoga, actively participating in the nation's development."

The Katukiro of Busoga Kingdom, Dr Joseph Muvawala, acknowledged the NRM party for their deep respect for the kingdom's rich cultural heritage, exemplified by their significant contribution to the forthcoming royal wedding.

"In our kingdom, culture holds profound emotional significance, evoking strong sentiments. It is the duty of both government and political parties to tap into these sentiments. The emotions we share today are deeply ingrained " Muvawala stressed.

He further emphasized that their expectations from the NRM party revolve around harnessing these emotions for the betterment of both their party and the nation as a whole.

Dr. Muvawala also expressed his gratitude for the NRM party leadership's affection for Busoga and their remarkable contributions to the region.