Resolutions of the National Resistance Movement Central Executive Committee

Wednesday 14th October 2020

The Central Executive Committee of the National Resitance Movement has held 4 successive meetings on Thursday, 8th October; Saturday, 1 Ith October; Monday, 12 th October and finally, Wednesday, 14th October, 2020; to receive the communication of the National Chairperson and discuss the report of the Secretary General respectively.

At the conclusion of these meetings, the following Resolutions were reached, namely:

THAT the Central Executive Committee recognizes the great contribution of the National Chairperson of the National Resitance Movement in mobilizing the critically required financial and human resources necessary to sustain the organization's activity especially at this time of the covid-19 pandemic.

THAT the Central Executive Committee specifically appreciates and pays tribute to the National Chairperson for mobilizing transport facilitation by way of bicycles and motorcycles, to facilitate the mobilization capabilitieS of the leadership in the grassroots structures i.e. the Chairpersons of the branches, Parishes and sub countries, respectively.

THAT the Central Executive Committee commends the National Chairperson for coming out boldly to condemn the electoral malpractices during the recently concluded NRM internal elections and for ensuring that the process is revisited to ensure sanity in the process and protecting the will of the people in choosing who should lead them.

THAT the Central Executive Committee applauds the National Chairperson for commissioning for the first time ever in the history of the National Resitance Movement, a team to undertake "audit" the internal elections of the Organization so as to ease the workings of the elections dispute tribunal. 

THAT directly as a consequence of the "audited" findings of this team, the Central Executive Committee was able to approve the following findings of the elections dispute tribunal; namely:

1. Kazo District Woman Member of Parliament Ms. Jennifer Muheesi confirmed winner.

2. Katakwi Woman Member of Parliament: Residual elections to be conducted in Okore Sub County tomorrow, Wednesday 14th October, 2020 to determine the winner.

3.Rushenyi County Member of Parliament: Hon. Mwesigwa Rukutana confirmed winner

4. Jinja District Woman Member of Parliament: Ms. Katali Loy confirmed as winner.

5. Erute North constituency: Ms. Akello Christine confirmed as winner.

6. Arua City. Re-run in three cells of Ozuwa, Baluku and Ojuru respectively, to be held on Wednesday, 14th October, 2020.

7. Ntoroko County. Bahinduka Martin Magara confirmed winner.

8.Ntenjeru Municipality. Re-run directed to take place in 41 cells of the Municipality on Wednesday, 14th October, 2020.

9. Amudat District / Upe County. Chelain Betty Louke and Lolem Micah Kasile were respectively confirmed as winners for District Woman Representive and Constituency Member of Parliament respectively. Decision of tribunal overturned. 

10. Rwampara District Woman MP. Hon. Molly Asiimwe confirmed as winner

11. Isingiro North Constituency. Hon. Bright Rwamirama confirmed winner

12. Isingiro South Constituency. Hon. Alex Bakunda confirmed winner.

13. Bukanga County. Hon. Nathan Byanyima confirmed winner

14. Butaleja District Woman Member of Parliament. Re-run directed to be held in 29 villages to determine the actual winner.

15. Nyabushozi County. That a fresh election be conducted in the whole constituency on Thursday 15th October, 2020 in order to determine who the flag bearer will be, and that the National Vice Chairperson, Haji Moses Kigongo personally oversees the process on behalf of the Central Executive Committee.

16. Bukomansimbi Constituency. Hon. Ruth Katushabe confirmed winner

17. Ntenjeru South. Hon. Fred Baseke confirmed winner

18. Hoima Woman Member of Parliament. Hon. Businge Harriet Mugenyi confirmed winner.

19.   Ibanda District Woman Member of Parliament Hon. Jane Bainomugisha confirmed winner. 

20. Bulamogi Constituency. Residual elections held in 26 villages and Hon. Bwire Sanon Nadebya declared winner.

21.  Kikuube District Woman Member of Parliament. Ms. Natumanya Flora Bangirana confirmed winner


THAT all those persons, including electoral officials and security personnel who participated in, and abetted electoral malpractices must be brought to book and appropriately sanctioned and where necessary, prosecuted.

THAT teams of National Resistance Movement leaders be immediately dispatched to the zones to carry out activities geared towards reconciliation and creating harmony and cohesion in preparation for the national elections.