NRM will reclaim Buganda starting from Kayunga - Namayanja

Thursday 16th December 2021

The National Resistance Movement party Deputy Secretary-General Hon. Rose Namayanja has assured the party fanatics that the Kayunga by-election will set a precedent in the party’s move to reclaim its lost glory in the Central region.

Appearing on NBS TV popular morning show, the Morning Breeze, Namayanja assured Ugandans that the Kayunga LC5 chairman by-election is in the NRM candidate’s favour given the efforts the party has employed to reclaim the district top political seat. 

“As NRM, we have done our best. We have done a village-based campaign during this process, and we are confident that we will win the Kayunga LCV race,” Namayanja said. 

“We don't want to only reclaim Kayunga, we want to reclaim entire Buganda and all areas where we lost,” she added.

Namayanja reminded Ugandans of the time NRM performed poorly in the areas of Teso and Kasese saying that the party worked very hard to reclaim the support in those areas.

“You remember there was a time we got 11% in the Lango sub-region, but we reclaimed it. We reclaimed Teso and Kasese, among others,” she said.

On party divisions in the Kayunga by-election, Namayanja maintains that all those have been solved. “Kayunga has never been as united as it is right now as regards NRM, she said, adding that, “We have had our members camping there for more than a month to see that we are united”.

She encouraged the people of Kayunga to vote for the NRM candidates for service delivery. “It would be easier for NRM to deliver services if the chairman of a district subscribes to the party in power. This is easier than having someone who can't be part of the solution”.

Kayunga today votes its next LC5 chairman after the death of NUP’s Ffeffekka Sserubogo in June

Whereas there are six candidates in the race, the close contest is between the NRM’s Andrew Muwonge and NUP’s Harriet Nakwede.

Kayunga was for many years an NRM party political stronghold but this has waned with time.

The LC5 by-election is therefore yet another battleground for the ruling NRM party to reclaim its lost glory in the area.