Pallisa painted yellow ahead of Museveni's scientific campaigns.

Preparations are in high gear by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters to receive President Yoweri Museveni who is expected in Pallisa ahead of the scientific campaign meeting in Bukedi sub-region.

Pallisa district which boasts of multiple achievements under NRM government voted NRM with over 60% in the previous presidential elections.

Key achievements

Under NRM government, Pallisa has seen the tarmacking of Tirinyi-Pallisa-Kumi and the Pallisa- Kamonkoli roads, connecting the towns of Tirinyi in Kibuku districtKamonkoli in Budaka district, and Kumi district. These roads have made the transportation of area farm produce easy. Iganga-Kaliro-Pallisa Road, connecting the towns of Iganga in Iganga District has since also been upgraded.

The district is also connected to the National Grid, with electricity reaching to all major trading centres in the district under the Rural Electrification Programme.

In the education sector, Pallisa district has seen the transformation of schools from mud and wattle huts to permanent buildings. Currently, the district has over 50 government-aided primary schools and over 15 secondary schools. These schools have made Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education government programmes effective.

The government also constructed Nagwere technical school in Pallisa town council and Kasodo technical school to enhance vocational studies in the district.

In heath, the district has 4 Government dispensaries (II), 22 health centre (III), 3 health centre (IV) and 1 hospital equipped with 109 beds. 

 It is also because of the NRM government that each sub-county in the district has a health centre.

The government is doing everything possible to stop the theft of drugs in hospitals to control drug shortage.

Youth programmes

The youths in Pallisa have been part of the 203 youth groups in the Eastern region to benefit from the Youth Livelihood Program the government introduced.

Since its inception in 2013, 24,445 youths organized under 2,361 youth groups have benefited from the fund that targets poor youths across the country.

Museveni, who has entered his fourth week of campaigns decided to adopt ‘’scientific’’ meetings with only NRM leaders, as opposed to mass rallies in a bid to avoid the spread of Corona Virus.

Wherever he has so far campaigned, Museveni has emphasized the need to protect the gains achieved by the ruling NRM government in the past 35 years since 1986.

He has urged NRM party leaders to ensure they explain the key achievements basing on the Party’s core principles as people prepare to vote next year.

As the saying goes that ''One good turn deserves another.'' The people of Pallisa adding ‘’Kisanja’’ to secure their future.


Directorate of Information, Publicity and Public Relations