Handle maize ban Issue with Caution - Dombo to MPs

I listened to a number of MPs commenting on the decision by the Kenyan government to ban the importation of maize and poultry products from Uganda.

Whereas it is painful for our businesses and farmers, it is important to handle the issue with caution so as not to escalate the issues beyond the current situation.

It is important for government to establish the motive of the sustained actions by the Kenyan government or the philosophy behind such decisions. I would rather the MPs limit themselves to expressing concern and calling on government to establish whether the claims by the Kenyan government are legitimate and what could be done to ensure that we amicably overcome the current impasse.

Besides that, the MPs can refer this matter to the Parliamentary Committee on Trade so that it can inquire into this matter other than hurrying to make unresearched resolutions that may have far reaching effects or that may be misinterpreted by our friends. This is not in anyway intended to demean or undermine anyone or any institution from playing their roles, but an appeal for a cautious approach in order to deescalate the situation.

I know one word to a wise person is enough.

Emmanuel Lumala Dombo
Director of information, NRM