Government will hit vaccination target – Namayanja assures Ugandans

Tuesday 2nd November 2021

The NRM Deputy Secretary-General, Hon Namayanja Rose Nsereko has assured Ugandans that government will hit the vaccination target to enable the economy to fully reopen in January.

“Ugandans have two months to prepare and ensure that those who have not been vaccinated do the needful. Recently in Kampala, a vaccination drive was put in place and over 3.5 million people were vaccinated. To reach our target, different centres have been put in place to avail the vaccines and this is a process where numbers will be increasing day by day. I am confident that we shall hit our vaccination targets by December,” Namayanja said.

Namayanja made the remarks this morning while appearing on NBS Television’s Morning Breeze show. She said that the government has done all it takes to ensure Ugandans are vaccinated against Covid, noting that by the end of the year, the required number of the population will have received their jabs.

“The President has led us so well in terms of handling the COVID19 situation in Uganda. In his recent message to the country on the Pandemic, the President indicated that the country has made progress because at first there was a scarcity of vaccines but as of now, vaccines are available. The 4.8m people to be vaccinated was segmented specifically targeting different categories of people like health workers, security officers, teachers and non-teaching staff. Since higher institutions of learning have been re-opened they should be vaccination centres to vaccinate any student or anyone willing to get vaccinated,” she said. 

Hon Namayanja urged all Ugandans to get vaccinated because this will not only help to ensure the economy is reopened but will also control the spread of the virus.

“Vaccination should be a condition, especially for schools because these are rapid spreaders. Every economy requires a certain level of planning, when the President says that we shall reopen in January, it is like a warning to different sectors to plan and prepare for the reopening."

She also applauded religious leaders, opposition and corporate bodies for spearheading the Covid vaccination drive by encouraging their followers to take jabs.

“With this boost, it's something  that can make us reach the desired target to ensure the safe reopening of the entire economy.”