Rally the population into fighting poverty - SG Todwong tells Assistant RDCs

Tuesday 4th June 2024

The NRM Secretary General Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong has tasked the newly appointed Assistant Resident District/City Commissioners to focus more on mobilizing the population into practicing commercial agriculture to eliminate household poverty. 

The Assistant RDCs/RCCs are attending a two-week retreat at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi district for orientation before resuming their duties of monitoring the performance of government programs within designated districts.

SG Todwong said, “Your role is to ensure that the population where you have been deployed engages in meaningful production through embracing wealth creation programs like the Parish Development Model, emyooga among others to sustain their families.”

“It is through fighting individual poverty in homes that peace and stability can be maintained in the country. With poverty, there is no peace. There are always quarrels in the family which leads to an increase in domestic violence and street children in urban centers,” the head of the NRM Secretariat said.

Todwong also urged the commissioners to follow the strategic guidance of the four sectors which are ICT, industrialization, commercial agriculture and services industry by President Museveni as they provide leadership of economic empowerment to the masses.

“This is the only way to create employment opportunities for the educated young people, wealth creation and prosperity for all,” he said.


In his lecture, Mr. Todwong cautioned the Assistant commissioners to desist from fighting with other district leaders since it is likely to cripple service delivery.

“It is better to engage other officials in the district for advice to avoid unnecessary fights,” he guided.

He also asked the leaders to assist the government in eliminating the vice of corruption in public service.

 “We lose a lot of money to corrupt officials and it is your mandate to save the taxpayers money.”