NRM members should remain united around the founding ideology and strategy - Mafabi

Friday 5th November 2021
Presidential advisor David Mafabi delivering his lecture at the 8th NRM ideological clinic.

The senior Presidential Advisor on special Duties, Mr David Mafabi has challenged leaders of the the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Organisation to focus their energies on renewing ideological clarity among all its members and supporters in order to ensure cohesion and heal internal bickering.

Mr Mafabi fears that without clarity in party ideology and vision built around the existing core principles of patriotism, Pan-Africanism, socio-economic transformation and democracy among young entrants, the party is likely to grow indiscipline and disintegrate.

"As a liberation movement, our mission and vision should be to forge a way forward around our senior party leader and founding father and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as well as the party core principles in causing harmony and consensus among all party members despite our social differences," Mr Mafabi said.

He added that the party's ideological clarity among members of the movement shall only grow provided there is a dominant line which is the vision of President Yoweri Museveni, the founding head of the movement.

Mr Mafabi was yesterday afternoon delivering a lecture on a topic; Ideological orientation and the national liberation movement; to staff and members of the NRM party who were gathered at party headquarters at Plot 10, Kyadondo Road in Kampala. The lecture was also streamed live on zoom and other social media platforms.

The Party Secretary General, the Rt Hon Richard Todwong said party leaders must be ‘feelers’ of society who can easily identify problems and issues in their communities and go ahead to address them before they get out of hand.

"We need to do soul searching and get down to understanding issues which are affecting our ordinary people and these should take precedence as centres of unity and cohesion," Mr Todwong said while addressing the party members.

The deputy Secretary General, the Rt Hon Namayanja Rose Nsereko reiterated the aim of the ideological clinics as to blender the visions of NRM heroes and its founding fathers with politics of the day.

NRM DSG Rose Namayanja Nsereko speaking at the 8th NRM Ideological Clinic
NRM Deputy Secretary General Rose Namayanja Nsereko told the 8th ideological clinic that the party is passing on knowledge from the founders to the next generations. PHOTO BY MOSES MATOVU

"We began these ideological sessions to pass on the knowledge of our founders and heroes like Gen Museveni who nurtured us to ensure seamless transition from one generation to another as we secure the future of all Ugandans, Namayanja said. She lauded the Rt Hon Todwong on his initiative of the ideological clinics whose online presence has grown drastically in 8 weeks from less than 1,000 people attending to more than 13,000 who streamed the 8th ideological clinic.