Museveni heads to Kamuli as he drums up his presidential bid in ‘Scientific’ Campains

National Resistance Movement party presidential candidate, Yoweri Kaguta Museven, is today heading to Kamuli in Busoga sub-region for his scientific campaigns. Museveni will meet and address a select team of NRM leaders and flag bearers from Kamuli and surrounding districts. 

He will highlight key achievements the NRM has registered and other development strategies for the area he intends to achieve once re-elected.

Some key NRM key achievements in Kamuli district

Under Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) programme, Kamuli District received Shs29 billion that will see Kamuli municipality get a modern market. Municipal roads such as Byaino, Babhubai, Mugolo and Abdala Saleh will also be upgraded.

The Shs24 billion market will have up to 202 lockups, 1,056 stalls and accommodate 1,434 vendors.

On roads, Kamuli district has state of the art roads such as Jinja-Kamuli-Mbulamuti roads, connecting the towns of Jinja to Kamuli and extends to Mbulamuti on the shores of Lake Victoria. Several other roads have been upgraded and others are under construction including Ambercourt-Mbulamuti-Bukungu, Bugwenge-Luzinga-Nakabuga and Walugogo-Kamuli, which connects Luuka district and Saaka-Pallisa.

Kamuli Municiparity also has a total of 15.7sqkms of tarmacked roads after annexing six new rural wards of Busota, Kamuli-Namwendwa, Kamuli-Sabawali, Buwanume, Nankulyaku and Namisambya II. 

The new infrastructure development will boost household incomes and wealth creation.

In the health sector, Kamuli district general hospital is the largest hospital in the district. The hospital was constructed by the Government of Uganda and it was opened in 2000 with the capacity of 100 beds.

Another important health facility in the district is Kamuli Mission Hospital, a community hospital with 160 bed capacity. The hospital was opened in 1940 by the catholic missionaries, although the government continued its development up to this day.

There are several health centre IVs, health centre IIIs and health centre IIs in the district.

On youth empowerment, Kamuli district has a total of 237 youth projects which are funded by government and about Shs158,623,707 has been utilized under Youth Livelihood Funds

In September 2020, Mr Museveni handed over 472 machines to 190 youth groups with a membership of 3,228 youth, under Uganda Green Jobs Programme organised by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. The equipment included sewing machines, gadgets for dressing hair, generators, electric ovens, car washing equipment, milling and paver machines and computers.

A total number of 89 women projects have been funded by government and over 1,014 women have benefited. 

In education, Kamuli district has about 334 government aided primary schools and14 government-aided secondary schools. The introduction of UPE in 1997 led to significant increase in the enrollment of pupils in primary schools. The district has an enrollment of 107,048 in government Primary schools and 10,852 students in government secondary schools. Government intends to construct a seed secondary school in the sub-counties of Kamuli: Nabwigulu and Kagumba.

Nawanyago Technical Institute is one of the 20 new technical institutes under the Ministry of Education and Sports, constructed to implement the 10-year BTVET Strategic plan, code named Skilling Uganda.