Infrastructure Development

State-of-the-art National Medical Stores (NMS) Warehouse:

The completion of a modern warehouse at Kajjansi with a capacity of 30,000 pallets has significantly improved the storage and distribution of medical supplies in Uganda. This warehouse is considered the best in sub-Saharan Africa.

Upgraded Uganda Heart Institute:

The Uganda Heart Institute has received upgrades in its physical and technological infrastructure. It has been allocated 10 acres of land at Naguru to construct a new facility, enabling the institute to perform advanced heart surgeries and other procedures, reducing the need for referrals abroad.

Construction of Regional Cancer Centers:

Regional Oncology Centers have been constructed in Gulu, Mbale, and Mbarara. The Gulu Regional Oncology Center was completed in December 2022, while the construction of the Mbale center will commence in the upcoming financial year. The Ministry of Health is also in the process of securing land and designing the Mbarara Center.

Ongoing Construction of Lubowa International Specialized Hospital:

The construction of Lubowa International Specialized Hospital is currently underway, with 33% physical work progress. The hospital aims to provide specialized healthcare services and is expected to be completed by December 30, 2024.